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The Solution:
Day 3
Effective methods of work and assistance
Past, Present and Future: Three Strategies for Coping with Depression

  • How do you let go of difficult intrusive thoughts and feelings?

  • What are 3 effective strategies for dealing with depression

  • You'll also learn a unique method for healing from the burden of the past and negative consequences.
Giovanni Dienstmann
International author, Meditation teacher,Coach and Speaker
Can a person cope with Depression on their own?

  • In what scenarios can you handle your own depression, and when do you need to seek qualified help?

  • Can depression go away on its own?

  • How can I effectively support myself while dealing with depression?
Award–Winning Writer & Emmy Nominated Producer
Supercharge your Depression and Anxiety Recovery with these Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills

  • How ractice science-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills to manage negative thinking

  • Learn important behavioral changes needed to improve your mood and increase motivation

  • How practice Self-Compassion Skills to manage anxiety, depression, and panic.
LMFT, Certified CBT PractitionerAnxiety & OCD Specialist
Evidence-Based Approaches for Addressing Mental Health Conditions Like Depression

  • What current approaches to dealing with mental health problems exist today?

  • What are the most effective methods/approaches for dealing with depression?

  • How do you choose the right method to help?"
Internationally recognized health coach, Functional holistic medicine expert
Meeting Attachment Needs in Healing Depression

  • What is the relationship between our needs and our psycho-emotional state

  • How do we become aware of our needs?

  • How can meeting our needs help with depression?
MSW, LICSW, author
How to program your brain to be happy on a daily basis

  • How can you improve your mental state by thinking positively?

  • What are some effective ways to manage your thinking?

  • How can you train your brain to experience positive emotions every day?
TJ Walker
Leading speaking expert & Media trainer
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Assisting urban youth through mythology

  • The healing possibilities mythology presents in today's world

  • How can mythology help and what are the hidden benefits?

  • The value mythology can bring to the Youth of the City
Kwame Scruggs
Ph.D & MA in Mythological Studies
An Overview of the Possibilities of Psychedelic Medicine in Dealing with Depression

  • When is it appropriate to use psychedelics and when is it not?

  • How can psychedelics help with depression?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using psychedelics?
The long-term consequences of a depression treatment regaining favor/popularity:
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

  • What are the effects of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)?

  • The latest current research explaining the effects of this treatment

  • What potential treatment alternatives exist that should be explored before choosing treatment with risky long-term effects.
Sarah Price Hancock
The use of metaphor for shifting our state of being

  • How to know our world in a different way

  • The possibilities of changing conditions by exploring intuition & the languge of the senses

  • How to acquire deep knowledge with the assistance of a guide
How depression can be managed and overcome with highly engaging optimal consciousness

  • What is "Highly Engaging Optimal Consciousness?"

  • How can highly engaging optimal consciousness can help overcome depression?
Trained & Practicing therapist, Coach, & Facilitator
Expressive Art Therapy Approaches in Treatment of Depression

  • 3 approaches to use expressive art therapy is

  • 3 reasons why expressive approaches help treat depression

  • 3 recommendation for parents and caregivers to address anxiety and depression
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Best Yoga Practice to Reduce Depression: Effects on the Brain Body and Mind

  • Analyze research on the positive effects of yoga on the brain and body and how this relates to mood enhancement

  • Discuss the mechanisms that underlie the neuropsychological value of yoga

  • Suggest an optimal yoga practice to reduce depression based on an understanding of yoga research and psychophysiology
Yoga Therapist, MBCT Facilitator
Mindfulness, Somatics and Core Creativity for Treatment of Depression

  • How does mindfulness affect a person's life?

  • What is the relationship between mindfulness and somatics?

  • How can mindfulness and creativity help with depression?
(Somatic Experiencing Practitioner)
Face Fitness for Better Mental Health

  • "How do thoughts affect the body?

  • How can daily self-care activities have a positive impact on emotional well-being?

  • What emotional problems can the practice of facial fitness and self-care help with? (besides depression: anxiety, stress, etc.)"
Valeriia Veksler
Cosmetic Nurse, Natural Beauty Educator,Leading Face Fitness Expert
Alleviate Depression With NeuroDynamic Breathwork

  • The history of breathing work.

  • What are the possibilities of breathing work?

  • How does breathing work help with depression?
BS Chem Eng, MBA, Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
The Use of Homeopathic Remedies in the Treatment of Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

  • What are the main body systems at the root of depression?

  • How digestive health, inflammation and family trauma factor in?

  • Why homeopathic treatments work to heal depression?
One of the Top 43 therapists in the world, bestselling author
Ending Depression Through Jungian Arts-Based Research

  • About connection between depression and meaning, (how a Jungian approach to research gives meaning and purpose to the suffering of the individual)

  • Will learn the principles and new paradigm of Jungian Arts-Based Research, which is empowering.

  • How personal psychic complexes can be a gateway into deeper understanding of understanding of cultural complexes.
Using Ayurveda to Treat Depression

  • Learning about 3 doshas

  • How to identify the symptoms of depression as per dosha

  • Dosha specific treatments for depression
Health Coach, Ayurvedic Clinician & Meditation Teacher
How to Choose to Be Happy

  • WhatWhat is the science behind well-being, how it relates to happiness and how to shift one's mindset and make positive lifestyle changes that promote emotional well-being

  • To explore creative, out-of-the-box strategies and spiritual practices used across cultures to overcome depression and restore hope

  • To learn actionable steps that improve emotional well-being and to empower your to take charge of their lives
Author & Happiness Coach
Empowerment Evaluation: A Tool for Self-Reflection and Improvement

  • What are the benefits of an empowerment assessment?

  • How do you dig yourself out of an emotional hole?

  • How do you turn your dreams into reality?
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