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Accompanying Symptoms:
Different approaches to understanding depression and diagnostics
Day 2
The Power of Breathing: The Path to Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

  • Why might a person find themselves in a state of depression and anxiety?

  • How can you work with these conditions through the breath?

  • What do need to understand in order to change my life and get rid of this burden?"
Anthony Abbagnano
Breathwork Guru and Founder of Alchemy of Breath
Depression: illness or a mindset state
Let's define depression as an illness

  • How do we distinguish between the normal range of mood states?

  • How can we help people come out of depression?
Alok Bajpai
How To Get Your Life Back on Track After Dealing With Depression

  • Understanding of the relationship between emotions and physical health

  • The concept of subtle awareness and the subtle felt sense, and how these can be harnessed for emotional healing.

  • To raise awareness about the importance of taking a holistic approach to self-care"
Guy & Ilan Ferdman
Caches, Entrepreneurs, Visionary Leaders
The Surprising Root of Depression

  • What is metabolic exhaustion?

  • How is metabolic exhaustion related to depression?

  • What can we do to recover from Depression
Sarah Peyton
CNVC, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication
Postpartum Mental Health

  • Risk factors of postpartum mental illness

  • Symptoms and warning signs of postpartum mental illness

  • Support and care during postpartum
LCSW-C, Clinical Therapist & Supervisor
The Link Between Depression and Addiction

  • What comes first? Addiction or depression?

  • What is the relationship between these two conditions?

  • How can you properly help a person with this problem?
How Betrayal Is Impacting Your Health, Work and Relationships

  • How does betrayal affect different areas of a person's life?

  • Why is it important to work on your condition after the event?

  • How to effectively cope with the experience and not to aggravate the condition to depression?
Debi Silber
Ph.D, MS, RN, WHC, FDN,Transformational Psychologist
Healing Depression & Treating Dementia: Neuroplasticity Offers Hope

  • Understand the history of dementia treatments

  • Is trauma a root cause of depression and dementia?

  • Functional medicine lifestyle pillars for building brain health and emotional- resilience
Ph.D, C.Psych
Treating depression in the presence of genetic loading and other comorbidities.

  • Does genetics affect the development of depression

  • What illnesses (psychiatric and physical) may be concomitant with depression.

  • What are the potential benefits of using psychedelics to enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapy?
Dr. Emilio Arbe
The relationship and difference between unconscious Guilt and depression

  • How do unconscious feelings affect a person's life?

  • Can unconscious feelings cause depression?

  • How can you be aware of your feelings and how can you manage them?
Michael Conforti
Why Depression is More A Social Than Medical Problem

  • What are the social conditions that give rise to the depression?

  • What are the risk factors in the depression?

  • The importance of being active in learning the skills to manage the life situations?
Michael D. Yapko
Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Depression From Psychological Abuse: Symptoms and Overcoming Trauma of It

  • How to determine the symptoms of psychological abuse?

  • Why can psychological abuse cause mental illness?

  • How do I keep myself safe and prevent psychological abuse and depression from occurring because of it?
Dr. Avery Neal
The Spiritual Dimension and Healing Potential of Depression

  • How depression is related to bipolar disorder?

  • How healed trauma through a number of somatic techniques?

  • You will be introduced to one particularly powerful somatic technique, Holotropic Breathing Work TM, as well as several variations that can be performed at home
Sean Blackwell
Certified holotropic breathing facilitator, autor
The Logic of Depression – Why So Many Sufferers Refuse to Get Help

  • What are the reasons people refuse to get help?

  • Why it is important to ask for help in time?

  • What are the consequences of avoiding help and how do you help a depressed person avoid them?
Barry Winbolt
Attack Panic and Don't Let Panic Attack You

  • What is the cycle of panic manifestation?

  • What are the "Building Blocks" for dealing with anxiety-related phobias?

  • How do you keep panic from attacking you?
Anxiety Coach & Author
Understanding Mother Hunger

  • Identify the three essential elements of maternal care

  • Explain how Mother Hunger, another name for insecure attachment, can contribute to depression

  • Understand how help for the "apology ache"
Kelly McDaniel
How Сan Boundaries Help With Depression?

  • Why boundaries-is self-love in action?

  • How can depression be related to burnout?

  • Learn a six-step plan for setting external boundaries to protect yourself and your energy
Juliane Taylor Shore
Executive Loneliness

  • How remove the stigma of discussing mental health?

  • How to overcome isolation and loneliness?

  • How to support colleagues and family members who suffer from loneliness?
Nick Jonsson
International Best Selling Author, Ironman Top 1% World Athlete, Executive Mental Health Advocate
The Road to Mental Wellness

  • How to be aware of depression?

  • How to care for our health intelligently?

  • Dos and Don’ts on your way to mental wellness?
Mental health blogger, Speaker, Writer
Mindfulness for Depression: Stepping Into Life

  • What are the evolutionarily formed tendencies of the brain and mind that predispose us to depression?

  • How can mindfulness practices serve as an antidote to depression?

  • Which mindfulness practices shoud different people use?
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